Glass jewelry is the last true form of expression. In a cookie-cutter world we all eventually become one in the same. No longer able to see any difference from one another, conforming to a status-quo for the sake of fitting in. X-Fade was founded to:

  • Empower individuals who set their own standards for success, people who represent what they believe in, and people who don't care to represent at all (not everything is about making a statement; appreciation of craft and sheer precision is what motivates most artists in the first place)
  • Revolutionize traditional fashion through our own artistic expression (would you rather have another plain old chain, or something one-of-a-kind that can never be replicated)
  • Blow your mind with out of this world art, that you won't believe (imagination is what makes an artist an artist)
Interestingly enough, when you express yourself freely is when people truly embrace you. We've helped thousands of people, and hundreds of artists express their own style uniquely. Over the last couple years we have gained trust as one of the most personable, professional, and polite in the industry, while at the same time assisting dozens of people each day. We are proud to work closely with many of the most skilled and recognized artists in the world. Subscribe to our newsletter below, witness the revolution of glass art, and be entered into our next giveaway.