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What if you could rock the most heady glass jewelry without spending any time or money?

Researching the perfect new addition, waiting months and months for its availability, and paying an arm and leg is a hassle. 

It would be nice if the perfect piece could just fall into your hands out of thin air. But instead you've been dealing with sketchy shops that aren't professional, shipping takes forever, and their selection is far from world class.

That's why you'll never forget receiving your first X-Fade Booster Box.

  • Exploding with thousands of years of collective experience in glass art. (if your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandma was still alive and worked glass, our team would still have a few years of experience over her)
  • Revealing a hidden one-of-a-kind gem you didn't even know existed. (You haven't seen the perfect piece, and it's because you still haven't opened your first Booster Box)
  • Saving you hundreds of dollars, and countless hours of time for other "activities".  (Click, purchase, open, (jaw-drop), enjoy)

You have a direct channel into the minds of the most talented artists that the glass industry has to offer. Buy today we'll send you a FREE pendant. Hit the lotto every single time. Turn your pocket change into a new centerpiece worth up to +$500.


Official Structure:

(Each box contains 1 random pendant created by one of the following artists)


(Cone12flat, Creepglass, Aiutoglass, Leebrodee, Mangoglass710, I.r.casto, Matthewneebs, Kageglass, Dematteoart, Clarksglassworks, Levelupglass, Ryankane_glass, Jbglassdesigns, Justdewitglass, Know_ego, Stabby_joe, Nervglass, Trip_a, Crooksglass, Erincarteeglass, Emperial1, Dreadeye_glass, Ojglass, Weejeglass, Nergglass, Izzy.the.glassblower, Garret_allard, Andrewtischlerglass, Kmanglass, Joeybglass, Pho_sco, Blackbartglass, Dippyglass, Gbearglass, Creepyspooky, Low_key_koy_glass, Carwashglass, Oopazi, Johnnydepthglass, Airok_glass,, Omenstudios, Misslochnessa, and many more) (Up to $500 value)



After 3 years running, today we are shutting down this offer. It will no longer be available on the website. 



Q: When will it ship?


A: It will ship on Monday 8/3/2020.


Q: Will it be safe shipping?


A: We only use the highest quality boro glass, and guarantee safe delivery to your doorstep


 Q: When does this offer end?


A: This offer ends August 1st (8/1/2020)


Q: How do I purchase? 


A: Click 'Add To Cart' then checkout now to purchase your Booster Box while it's still available.