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Festive Fireworks Super Sale

Festive Fireworks Super Sale

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We drop a lot of heady glass artwork, and we do it pretty often. The thing is, we rarely run sales on our top-shelf glass artwork, and that’s because it’s the most challenging type of glass artwork to create. The casual buyer can’t afford it.

Even though we offer payment plans through Affirm, we recommend you don’t purchase a bundle, until you feel financially comfortable. There’s no reason to put yourself into debt unnecessarily even if the zero interest rates looks appealing.

For the first time in nearly 2-years, we’re making available a top-shelf heady glass art bundle. 15-bundles-total to be exact. This is a level above the glass we typically drop.

When you’re paying just a few hundred dollars for your glass, it heavily restricts the level-of-quality of your glass piece. The fact is, the best most in-demand artists aren’t spending days working on a piece for minimum-wage when people are throwing wads of cash at them to create high-quality glass with a level of diligence beyond what the average artists can do.

To make it clear, after July we will discontinue this sale. There is a maximum order-limit of 2-bundles per person. Last time, we had a couple people buy up all the bundles, and it didn’t seem fair to all of the other collectors who were waiting.

If you’re reading this, that means the sale has already begun.

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Heady functional. ($1,000-$2,500 VALUE) (It's not just about beauty and skill, it's also about function, and our decade long artists bring the spice every-time.) 
  2. Heady pendant. ($50-$500 VALUE) (Precious gems, diamonds, and gold ain't got nothing on glass! One-of-a-kind, non-replicable, instead of blending in, you'll look your best, and stand-out from the crowd.)

Plus These FREE Bonuses:

  1. Carb-Cap. ($30-$200 VALUE) (Don't let any go to waste. Flavor-save like a king, without the heavy price-tag.)
  2. Quartz Banger. ($30-$100 VALUE) (Slurp up the finest, hint hint: we got all sorts of styles, they come matching your functional, and ready to use.)
  3. Stickers. (FREE) (Gotta keep you swagged up with the gear.)

15-Bundles Available Total:

6 Bundles Include:


4 Bundles Include:


3 Bundles Include:


2 Bundles Include:


If you'd like to purchase 1 of the 15 heady glass bundles available for the Festive Fireworks sale, you can go ahead and click add to cart or buy now to check out your order.

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