Poison Bottle #1 Art
Poison Bottle #1 Art

Poison Bottle #1 Art

$400.00 Sale price


Q: How do I purchase?

A: Click ‘add to cart’ then checkout!

Q: When does this deal end?

A: It’s first come first serve, only 1 of each available.

Q: Who’s the artist?

A: Austin Hensley.

Q: When will it ship?

A: It will ship on Monday (tomorrow) with 2-3 day priority shipping anywhere in the United States. 

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship all around the world for free at no extra cost via USPS first class international shipping.

Q: Will my piece arrive safely?

A: Yes, we guarantee safe delivery to your doorstep or your money-back.


Each poison bottle comes with:


-1 millie terp pearl

-1 mystery pendant